Umbrellas and Sunshine CD release at Caffe Vivaldi

A beautiful evening at Caffe Vivaldi, with friends and the wonderful music of Michel Legrand performed by Roger Davidson and David Finck. The packed house enjoyed selections from the CD and marvelled at Roger’s one handed piano skills. Days before the concert he injured his left hand, but had he not announced it (and if he could somehow conceal the cast draping his hand) we would not have been able to tell, given the fullnes of his sound and his characteristic melodic sense.
We were delighted to see old and new friends, as well as colleagues, musicians and members of the press. Below are some photos of the event.

Roger played beautifully... and valiantly with only 6 or 7 of his 10 piano-playing digits!

Backed by the ever solid David Finck, Roger's love of Michel Legrand's melodies transported us to a Parisian cafe.

Roger with Soundbrush recording artist Carol Fredette

A cozy scene and good music at Caffe Vivaldi