TUESDAY July 1st- Carol Fredette CD Release @Iridium


CD Release Show
Tuesday, July 1st, 2014
sets 8:30pm & 10:30pm


Vocals: Carol Fredette

Piano: Dave Lalama

Bass: Dean Johnson

Drums: Adam Nussbaum

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Carol’s latest CD No Sad Songs For Me on Soundbrush Records
available now at www.amazon.com

“Fredette’s delivery is refreshingly direct and expressive throughout; her warm alto conveys the wit and calm of the fully-formed grown-up who knows whereof she sings. The music on ‘No Sad Songs for Me’ will delight anyone who appreciates vocal jazz at its highest level and in its most
conducive setting.”
–Dr. Judith Schlesinger, All About Jazz.com

“No Sad Songs for Me is the apotheosis of the hard-swinging, hip phrasing, and novel repertoire that has made Fredette a favourite vocalist of the cult purists in the Big Apple.”
–Nick Catalano, www.artsandopinion.com

“Vocal jazz at the highest level of execution requires a combination of musicality, timing,
phrasing, creativity and intelligence. Carol Fredette has an abundance of these ingredients, and all they all shine through on ‘No Sad Songs for Me.'”
-Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz

“…she exudes style and substance.”
–Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times

“Carol Fredette’s newest collection of songs is vintage jazz already…I have never heard her sing so radiantly or swing so seamlessly! She is one of the treasures of the music scene, she comes in a multitude of flavors, and I love them all. Like ice cream, I crave Carol Fredette!” –Rex Reed

1650 Broadway (51st Street)
New York, NY 10019
Reservations: 212-582-2121