April Release

This CD is an exquisitely composed series of 18 Tangos and Milongas (fast tangos), some with searing, soulful qualities, some with buoyant liveliness, and some with pronounced, danceable melodies. In fact, Pasión Por La Vida would be the perfect accompaniment to the tango teacher, as Raúl Jaurena is so renowned and revered in the Tango community, often performing live at the “milongas” (dance socials). Davidson has captured the essence of the Tango, that sense of yearning, of memory, of the shared 3-4 minutes for the tango partners, as one leads and one follows, losing themselves to the music. Davidson creates the concept, and Jaurena makes it come alive. Together these performers are like tango partners, Davidson leading the theme and Jaurena enhancing and embellishing it.
All tracks composed by Roger Davidson.

Notable tracks:

#9 – Todo El Tiempo – With the purity of two instruments, uncluttered and uninterrupted, each artist provides nuanced interpretations. Davidson’s song inspires the imagination, and, while he provides the melody, Jaurena provides improvisational turns with elegant effect.

#11 – Canción de la Montaña – This song resembles the Chacarera, an Argentine folk dance, often danced at the end of the social milonga, in the morning’s wee hours, with the entire remaining group of dancers facing each other in lines and crossing the dance floor, arms up-stretched. Jaurena is obviously versed in the genre and creates captivating chords with each pulse of Davidson’s piano.

.#12 – Milonga del Norte – This vibrant Milonga, a joyful fast partner Tango, that switches the mood in social dance settings, has been composed with especially pronounced rhythms that drive the music. Jaurena slaps the side of his bandoneón for percussive pulse, and Davidson’s staccato melody enhances this recording with joyful vivacity.

#16 – Si Loin de Toi – In a Parisian mood, with a French title, this rapturous retro-styled Tango brings the listener back to the core of the genre. I found it evocative of the Pugliese Tango repertoire, soulful, searing, sensuous. This theme yearns for Tangueros in close embrace.

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower  http://robertaonthearts.com/cd/idCD28.html