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Recorded live at the First Festival of Universal Sacred Music, NYC October 2005

Raga Kalyan, an evening raga, conveys calmness of mind and self-realization, and is played in four parts: Alaap – Playing of the Raga without the accompaniment of the table. Slow Gat – Slow composition in Teentaal (16 beats). Fast Gat – Fast composition in Teentaal (16 beats). Jhala – Fast rhythmic movements with a combination of chichkari (high pitch string) and main playing string.

The Raga Mishra Bhairavi (composite raga) played in Taal Chacha (14 beats) is a composition Kinnar Seen recorded with his brother Manu Seen for world peace. Their mother has just passed away, and their love of her became the sweetness and the bliss of this composition.


Kinnar Seen, sitar

Samir Chaterjee, tabla

Manu Seen, sitar

Nadni Seen, tanpura