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ORIGINAL BRAZILIAN MUSIC AND JAZZ: The Best of Roger Davidson’s live playing

In 2012, Soundbrush Records started a regular Wednesday night performance series at the venerable Caffe Vivaldi in New York City’s Greenwich Village. The timeless cafe became their informal home. In 2013 Soundbrush Records began recording these performances. In the “Live at Caffe Vivaldi” series, Soundbrush Records presents its artists, anchored by pianist, composer, and founder Roger Davidson, captured in the immediacy of live music making.

For Roger Davidson, music is a world without boundaries. Though commonly termed a classical artist, Roger had developed a fearlessly eclectic reach, both as a composer and pianist.“Music is for the world,” says Roger, whose acclaimed catalog ranges from chamber, symphonic, and choral pieces to jazz, tango, Klezmer, children’s music, and a wide span of Latin and Brazilian projects. As a jazz pianist, Roger was mentored by Helen Keane, Bill Evans’ longtime manager; Keane produced his first jazz album. JazzTimes has since called him an “impeccable player”; Michael G. Nastos of All Music Guide termed him an “extraordinary” pianist devoted to “reaching for the inner soul.” Roger has released over 20 albums, most recently Universal Sacred Music for Chorus, performed by the New York Virtuoso Singers as well as Temple of the Soul: Rhapsodies and Meditations for Solo Piano, both released on Soundbrush Records. His recently published book of original Brazilian-inspired compositions, To Brazil With Love, is now distributed by Carl Fischer. A second Brazilian book, Saudade do Brasil, will be out later in 2016, followed by books of Roger’s jazz and tango pieces as well as a large collection of his country dance music inspired by the British Isles.



ROGER DAVIDSON/Live at Caffe Vivaldi Vol. 3:  The kind of jazz pianist you want at your wedding as well as at your fave piano bar, Davidson started recording at the top of his game and he’s raised the bar a few times since then.  Here we find the impeccable player playing solo on a program of Brazilian tunes that are his originals.  What’s there to say except that this is a gasser and that the people gathered in this Greenwich Village coffee house don’t know how lucky they are to have all this grandeur just right around the corner?  Well done throughout.


Highly honored pianist Roger Davidson has said, `My life is all about love, sincerity, compassion, and constant learning with the desire for ever more wisdom, peace and happiness. My prayer for all humanity is the fulfillment of our greatest potential as children of God. My music, in all its facets, is an expression of these aspirations - and of my passion for life in all its wonderful forms!' For Roger Davidson, music is a world without boundaries. Though commonly termed a classical artist, Roger has developed a fearlessly eclectic reach, both as a composer and pianist. He states, `Music is for the world' and his catalogue proves it ranging from chamber, symphonic, and choral pieces to jazz, tango, Klezmer, children's music, a wide span of Latin and Brazilian projects, and most recently, a Solo Piano project - Temple of the Soul: Rhapsodies and Meditations for Solo Piano - an adventurous and spiritual album that bridges the next stage of his life, and leans more toward Contemporary Instrumental/New Age piano than any of the genres for which he is previously known.

Now in Volume 3 we have the pleasure of Roger Davidson all by himself – this solo piano collection allows us to fully appreciate the mastery of the keyboard Roger has become. The tracks are as follows:

Alegria Brasileria
Bossa Para Você
Amazing You
Saudade Do Brasil
Comment Je T'aime
Bossa Para Celia
Tres Estrelas
Um Amor, Um Abraço
Dia Feliz
Ceu Azul
I Love You
Autumn Leaves

The maestro of the keyboard, all by himself! Great listening. Grady Harp



"Roger Davidson is a composer and improviser extraordinare " Vittorio Lo Conte

JAZZ QUAD   (Russian)

The American pianist and composer Roger Davidson (r.1952) in New York, the two houses. One - a place with its own communities-Brazilian wife and three children, and the second - a "Café Vivaldi" in the bohemian quarter of Greenwich Village. Since 2012, on Wednesdays, every week, Roger appears here. Over the past few years and has developed a circle of regular visitors, and the circle of perpetrators of this kind of music club. Since 2013, the label Davidson Soundbrush Records began publishing the recording taking place in the "Cafe Vivaldi" concert. The first series of the album captures the performances of Roger in a duet with Argentine bassist Pablo Aslan and was mainly devoted to the tango. The second, which appeared in 2015, was already a Brazilian in their area, and here, Roger Davidson had played with his trio. Reviews of both the album can be found on our website.

Meanwhile, the 2016-th began to Soundbrush Records release of the third album series Live at Caffe Vivaldi. This time it's an album of solo piano music, the piano - Roger Davidson. But he seems to be thematically continues the theme given by his predecessor. The focus is again favorite Roger Brazil. After paying tribute to the classic jazz covers of the two: I Love You Cole Porter and Autumn Leaves Joseph Kosma, all the remaining space filled Davidson disk Brazilian themes. All remaining fourteen tracks on the album he wrote, is Brazil, seen and heard genuinely loving this country someone Brazil passed through the heart. Opening the program bravura Alegria Brasileira, Davidson later plays and romantic ballads, like the Amazing You, or Um Amor, Um Abraço, and sophisticated bossa nova as Bossa Para Celia, and bursting with optimism and energy plays such as Criança Feliz. With filigree technique Davidson games varied program listens to the album in the same breath. The sound of the piano Roger powerfully attracts the attention of the listener's drive as well as it was with the visitors' Cafe Vivaldi "in 2013 - 2015 years. It is because of "Brazilian" plays of this period, played by Roger Davidson, composed album program, which will certainly please not only fans of Latin music.